“It’s the first day of the rest of your life.” No. Monday is the first day of  THE REST OF MY WORK!!! 

Yes, a Monday genuinely sucks, but who knew it could be interesting too…

ONE) If you flip around the letters in Monday it spells dynamo. So technically Monday is the bomb. Thank writer William Hartston for pointing that out.

TWO) On a Monday people complain about 12 minutes more, according to a survey by Flomax Relief (for urinary issues, because you don’t want to be complaining about that too, I guess). Note that your 12 minutes are spent reading this moany article. That’s right, you’re done for the day dear. #sorrynotsorry

THREE) The term, Blue Monday, might have something to do with washing. Back in the day people used a bluing agent to make worn linen appear white again. And also, we’re sure they felt like wringed out linen, after a full weekend of picnic and chill.

FOUR) You’re going to have about 3640 Mondays if you live to 70. So get used to it.

FIVE) Somebody needs to bear the burden of telling others it’s time to be productive again: your mom, your teacher and Mondays. It could’ve been Friday’s job. How would you feel about Friday then, huh?!