SPECIAL NOTICE: Hi, I’m Iske, I’m a South African and I’ve been in a Coronavirus-lockdown in Italy for weeks.

Fellow South African, I know you’re scared about many things. Your food stock, your health, the health of people you love, your income, how South Africa could possibly deal with a crisis like this and what life would look like after everything.

I’m not an COVID-19 expert, I’m not a doctor or an economist, but I am a South African who’s been living in the eye of the novel corona-storm for a couple of weeks and I’d like to share my experience to give you some sense of what life could look like after Thursday.

I’ll share some tips and resources that’s been helpful to me and I’d also like to share my thoughts on how SA could do this better, so you can avoid building up to almost 70 000 cases.

Here’s my first video on what I wish I knew before the lockdown here in SA. There’s a more detailed post below.

How to prep for the lockdown in SA (tips from Northern Italy) in a few hours

I know you just have a couple of hours left to prep for the lockdown in SA. Here is what I wish I knew before going into the lockdown in North Italy. Firstly, breathe. I know the anxiety and the buyers panic is pushing up in the back of your throat like pandemic...
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Please remember that I’m a journalist, but not an expert. So I will source the experts and guide you to them, but everything I write is based on my personal experience from my little room here in Bolzano, Northern Italy. 

Life is hard and pretending it’s easy is stupid. 

This magazine is kind of like an anti-magazine.

We can’t give you 6 Ways to Fix Yourself! because a) there probably isn’t anything wrong with you (despite you feeling like it) and b) no human has ever been the expert on effective living and uninterrupted happiness. It’s just not something humans are very good at.

So we’d like to publicly announce: we’re still figuring it out (just like you and just like Beyoncé) and we don’t want to do it alone anymore.

So here’s to a magazine, minus all the fake news on how perfect we could be.



Stuff like this:


Skinny equals happy? I call bullsh#t.

As from now it's a proven fact that being skinny doesn't equal happiness. Don't believe me? Here's four pieces of evidence that'll crack this haunting myth right open. ONE: Perfect people are dying to be happy Pick one person you'd like to trade bodies with? Marilyn...

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Responding to being Friendzoned

We've all been there: that horrible place between high-fiving and hand-holding. THE FRIEND ZONE DA DA DAAAAM. So here it is: 9 sentence that probably mean you're friend-zoned and how we think you should reply to them. 1. "You make me think of my Labrador" Sooooo does...

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9 Stupid sentences people with depression are over hearing

I have to deal with depression. I also have to deal with the stupid stuff people say, because people don't know shite about depression. Here are the 9 sentences people with depression are so sick of hearing: 1. “We all have bad days.” 2. "You know, it's demons.”...

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8 Super Super Famous procrastinators

It’s 10 PM on a Sunday and tomorrow's assignment is STILL not finished, because you just couldn’t resist watching those last 10 Youtube videos…. Let’s face it, we all procrastinate, but does the accumulation of our lost hours translate into a bleak future? Luckily,...

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Valentines Day is actually gross.

How to be single on Valentines Day (and how to actually enjoy this gross day) Your guide: how to be single on Valentines Day. Plus everything else you need to know about single lyfe.   We're showing you how to be single on Valentines Day, because we know how...

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Dope celebs get depression too, you know.

Having depression does NOT mean you're alone or worthless (although it will feel that way). To prove it, meet some of the dopest celebrities who have, or have had, depression and they still kick friggin' ass ... How is it even possible that some of the dopest...

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7 Girls ruling the world of Insta right now

Someone please tell Kylie Jenner she's been dethroned. We've found women with some real power. Their power? Being real for a freakin change. Here's our list of top young ladies bending the rules of social media to serve real women. We're done letting popular culture...

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13 Totally awkward things girls think about while kissing

Nope, you're not the only one whose brain and lips function in alternate worlds while you're kissing. It's not weird. You're just REALLY good at multitasking. Like us.  So here's 13 very awkward things girls (or at least those at YAAAS) think about when we're...

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Self Care 101: 7 ways to look after your darn self in 2017

Self Care is a thing in 2017, because you actually NEED it. Here's how to avoid Breakdown Britney and take care of yourself by and Carla Mouton and Iske Conradie You have it rough sister. 2017 is not a joke. EVERYTHING is fast. Your food. Your socials. Your brain. And...

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A meme collection: Back to school got us like

The holiday felt like a glorified weekend. So naturally, there's a meme for all the back to school feels you're feeling. by Tern Pelser Just because school doesn't start on the usual Monday, it doesn't mean it's any less painful. via Pinterest  Still debating which...

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A Short Story: On a Normal day

On an ordinary day... by Tern Pelser On a normal day, you would be half-awake. I'd be on the final phase of that dream I've been having for weeks on end. "It's not a sign. Don't over think it", you'd say, as I'd wake up damp with sweat. I'd clutch your hand tighter...

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