You’re bored. Too bored to even come up with something fun to do, right?

In the back of your mind, you know there’s a million things you could or should be doing, but you’re mind is as blank as that art canvas you bought in 2006.

Here are 12 fun ideas to help you conquer boredom like a queen.

– written by Carla and Iske

1. Do something super touristy right where you are

“There’s nothing to doooooo in this stupid town!!” You’re lying gurrrl. You’ve just actually become way too comfortable in your hometown. Time to step it up like you’ve got your tekkies-and-khaki-shorts on and only a couple of hours to kill in this town.

Would a tourist visit a couple of museums? Bike around town? Have ice cream somewhere epic and people-watch? Even if you’ve done it all, do it again. If you’re still out of ideas, check out TripAdvisor’s Things To Do section.

2. Go to the movies by yourself, even if it’s scary

Oh yes. There is nothing more empowering than watching a film in the cinema by yourself. Ok, there is a few things more empowering (like driving on your own for the first time or ninja chopping a guy that touched your butt).

BUTTTT for now, lets get a HUGE popcorn, those Smarties you’ve been craving for and a lekker Fanta to watch Age of Adeline on your own. Because you’re cool like that.

3. You shall make something crafty

You know those things people use to do before the internet? Scrapbooking, knitting, making jewellery, drawing? Now there’s even Pinterest to give you totally hipster craft ideas too!

If you feel like you’re “not arty” at all, then you shall paint a portrait study of a stick figure and enjoy it. And when you’re done you’re even allowed to Instagram it. It 2016.

4. Try anything new. ANYTHING.

Try yoga? Join a Zumba class! Follow some YouTube tutorials on how to that Uptown Funk dance routine. Eat a Shawarma. Make a Shawarma. Try photography. Try linography. Or go to the mall and pick out the ugliest outfit you can find, try it on and die of laughter.

5. Catch up on stuff everyone seems to know.

You know all those movies people refer to and you’ve just got no clue what they’re talking about? Time to get clued up: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 16 Candles, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing... See why Audrey Hepburn is a style icon or simply just up your chances of dominating the game of Thirty Seconds.

6. Watch the newbies, queen style.

Bed engulfed by a bunch of comfy pillows? Check. Homemade popcorn and tea? Check. Laptop set up on a perfect distance for good viewing purposes? Check. Exciting new movie/series on your laptop? Check. Ahhhh the simplistic joy.

7. Watch hair and makeup tutorials.

Do 10 awesome updos and fail miserably 9 times only have your go-to updo for the next 2 months. Use your face as a canvas: learn how to do the Cat Eye, make a Ballerina bun or “contour” your face and scare your little brother.

8. Girls-night. DUHHHH

I know it feels like EVERYONE is busy being unsingle, but they’re not are they? There’s also a couple of girls you know, that are dying for some entertainment. That long lost friend of yours, your cousin, your ‘lil sis, your mom, your dog? Call them up (“Here Lulu! Who is  a good doggie?!”) and have a smashing evening.

Bellas before fellas, amirite?! And if your best girlfriends have given in to their love hormones, be the responsible one and gather those bellas. Watch The Notebook or The Matrix (whatever floats tonights girly boat), paint your nails and put on some face masks, the colour of a rotten avocado. FUN. Not on your dog though.

9. Read a fantastic book

Remember books? Yeah they are awesome! Reread your old faves: Harry Potter, Twilight (I don’t judge), The Princess Diaries… or try something new – I’m NOT talking about 50 Shades of ABUSE.

Ask around or go to the library and pick 3 cool covers and 3 ugly ones in the section you like. Fingers crossed one is fantastic!

10. THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT: unfriend people. 

Not in reality. That’s rude, but clean up your Facebook and Twitter account.

Remember Benjamin from Primary School, yeah me neither, so why do you have him on Facebook? Delete the selfie-addicts, the irritating people who ***StIlLl TyPe LiKe ThIs*** and all those people you accepted because you were 13 and wanted a lot of Facebook friends.

T-Dog Lee is not your friend, delete him. It’s sorta fun too. You’ll feel so hardcore.

Warning: this can either be a form of procrastination or one of the fun things you can do by yourself when you can’t sleep. Or maybe not, we’ve heard that staring at bright lit screens induces the inability to sleep.

Yup, we learnt something new while being bored! So being bored = possible increase of intellect. 

11. Plan a trip (for now or in 5 years)

Surf the web or your local library’s shelves for whatever you’ve ever dreamt of doing in your life: places you’d still like to explore in SA, in the world, in space and then jot down a plan of action.

For eg. 1. ask parents. 2. show them this map of where I want to go 3. show them how much it’s going to cost and how I’ll contribute 4. cry, because science isn’t evolved enough yet to land on Pluto. 5. Enrol in a science degree to make it happen.

12. Work on your future

Did I just say work? I actually meant to say “dream in a practical way”. Research what it takes to reach whatever dream you have and start making your CV (or a list of what you need to do to get to the ideal CV).

Be that lawyer or doctor you dreamed about being AND a wife AND a mom. Women are amazing, we can do anything. I mean look at Scarlett Johansson. This lady filmed Avengers 2 while being pregnant and her swollen ankles didn’t even show. I want someone to Photoshop me while I’m doing everything too!

No wait, I want to Photoshop Captain America’s s abs for Avengers 4. Google: “where to study graphic design and animation?”.