Expect a major plot twist in this one. Want to feel like the hot girl for a change? Try these 4 guaranteed tricks to make any body type hot as pancakes! Disclaimer: it’s NOT what you expect.

by Jolene Raison

Okay, we don’t want you waking up every morning pinching the round edges of your body, like its alien matter that you need to get off. We know that disgusting feeling. That just drags with you throughout your whole day. Ugh.

We also know that loving our bodies for what they are, instead of hating them for what they’re not, has less to do with what we look like, and everything to do with how we look at ourselves.

So here goes: our 4 tried and tested ways of making your body look and feel better INSTANTLY!

1. Take your eyes back baby

Admit it. You see yourself through the eyes of through Insta; fashion, films and Kylie Jenner’s lip kit.

These perspectives completely distorts the way you see yourself. It shows you flaws and ugliness that isn’t there (was never there).

It shows you an image of what you are, superimposed on an image of what you think we should be. SO CUT IT OUT. Use your own pair of eyes to look at yourself for a change.

2. Now stop staring and test your awesome

Here’s something I’ve noticed about girls who do competitive sports; they talk more about the time they’ve cut or the distance they’ve gained, than the kilos they’ve dropped or the fat they’ve put on.

Why? Because when you’re pushing your body to break the boundaries of awesome, having a thigh gap is as important as having an extra belly button.

So try getting away from the mirror, and under some weights, or on the face of rock, or on a hiking trail or on a trampoline or even just up in the branches of a tree. Test your body. Challenge it. Have fun with it.

Go find out how phenomenal your body feels when you love it for what it can do, not for what it looks like.

3. Define ‘beautiful’ like the independent girl you are

What is beautiful? What is the perfect size waist? How big should your boobs be? What should good hair look like? Whatever you’re imagining, it’s probably a blend of things you’ve seen in movies or fashion mags or beauty sites or cosmetic advertisements.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re comparing what you see with all those perfect images of perfect (non-existent and very edited) women.

And then you wonder why you feel so flawed?

Don’t you WANT a mind of your own? If you don’t work out what it means to be beautiful all on our own, that gush of Insta models, Gucci ads and fashion bloggers, on your social media, will do it for you.

So sit back and start thinking of the women you find beautiful in your life.

Ditch the fashion sites for a while. Take a trundle through photos of women from all kinds of places and cultures and from different eras. Do it often. You’ll find beautiful doesn’t necessarily look like you thought at all.

TIP > Follow the #bopo queens (like @bodyposipanda, @gabifresh, @schoolofstrut etc.) on Insta and STOP following EVERYONE who just makes you feel like the crappy version of a female human being.

4. Strut your (other) stuff, like they deserved to be

I’m probably never going to be the prettiest girl the room. But I don’t care; when it comes to creativity and mad origami skills, well, I’m a comet and everyone else is a hopeful little birthday candle. And that makes me a pretty hot package.

Do I sound a little vain? I hope so! Why do we always feel like we need to downplay our best attributes?

If you’ve got the perkiest boobs or the sexiest butt, awesome! But what else makes you frikkin phenomenal? What makes you sparkle when you talk about it? What makes you feel kickass powerful?

Find those things. Focus on them! And when you walk into a room, light it up!