For me, having a twin is as normal as having fingers sprouting from the end of my arm (which is actually quite weird if you really think about it btw). Still, that definitely doesn’t excuse all the ridiculous twin related questions we’ve been asked.

by Jessica Louw  (follow this bright young writer by clicking on the icons below)


Here are some of the worst questions (all with a should-not-be-dignified-with-an-answer vibe to them), that my sister and I have been asked, rather surprisingly, by intelligent people.

1. Would you ever consider dating/ marrying twins?

Then we could have kids at the exact same time and then they would look the exact same and be twin-cousins, because that wouldn’t be weird.

2. Can you communicate telepathically?

Yes, we may sometimes give the same answer on a test or say the same thing at the same time, but that’s just because we spend so much time together, you know, more nurture than nature.

Jessica Louw YAAAS Mag

Jessica & Emma #twinning all the way.

3. Do they take your fingerprints before you write an exam to make sure you are the correct twin?

Granted, this is not as absurd a question as some of the others on this list and maybe someday they may even take our prints, but right now it is pretty much a trust-based policy.

4. Do you realise that one of you was unplanned?

Maybe steer clear of that one, I mean unless you find arguing twins intriguing, because the which-one debate is certain to follow.

5. What happens if you like the same guy/girl, could you take turns going on dates without him/her knowing?

Well, you know if you are into the whole polygamy thing… Forget Sister Wives we are Twin Wives, hmmm maybe not.

6. What is your sister’s name?

Now this one is actually quite good. Especially with identical twins the name struggle is real. If you haven’t got the who’s who thing down yet then process of elimination is probably your best bet. If you know my sister’s name is Emma, then I must be Jessica.

7. Why don’t you dress the same?

Three words guys: two. separate. people. Would you and your other siblings dress the same? I bet you would rather die than be seen in the same outfit as your younger sibling. If anything we have to try harder to dress differently to help people tell us apart.

8. Who is the smart/sporty/shy one?

People PLEASE!!! This is not The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and it’s hard to make those kind of distinctions. In this instance we would probably just avoid the question with an awkward-twin-question-comeback.

9. Do your parents ever confuse you, how do you know they haven’t been calling you the wrong name all these years?

Guys… parents just know. Same way they just know when you are lying to them. I mean sure, they run through every family member, plus your dog and your pet goldfish’s name trying to get to the right one, but I think everyone’s parents do that.

10. Have you ever insulted your twin’s appearance?

Wow. That would be rather awkward with identical twins. Guess we all know a good comeback to that insult…