“What the hell did you just say? Would you like to reconsider that statement, because it was just demeaning, sexist and downright rude, dude! Didn’t your parent teach you any manners!? Don’t answer that. Rather just stop talking.. just stop.” 

Sometimes guys say things to you and you’re just like “Why are you so stupid? And please tell me where all the pro-gender-equality man-sugar is at, because I’d like to go there NOW. Right now.”

1. “Is it that time of the month again?”
Let’s just think about this for a sec gentlemen: you literally just told a woman that the way she’s acting is irrational and that the only reason for her being passionate about a specific topic is because of hormones?

Somebody please pass me some Omega 3 tablets to throw in this dude’s face. He probably has a deficiency, because he can’t think straight.

2. “Your handwriting is pretty horrible for a girl.”
If you COULD read it, it would say: “YOUR FACE IS PRETTY HORRIBLE FOR A GUY.”

3. “That’s not very ladylike.”

4. “Grow some balls.”

I know this is a sensitive issue, but has anyone seen how MAN DOWN guys are when kicked in the balls? Not exactly a symbol of strength. So I’ll pass on that, thanks.

5. “I think you’re too intimidating for a woman. Men don’t like that.”

Ooooh sorry, I totally forgot my life goal was finding a man and then not intimidate him.

6. “You’re funny for a girl.”

Oooh thaaanks. How sexist of you. You’re pretty smart… for an a-hole.

7. “You’re so bossy.”

No, I AM the boss. #QueenBeyonce

Here are some non-sexist evils, but they’re also super annoying:

8. “Yeah, I like you or whatever”

So… like a girlfriend… like a sister… like a brother… like a whatever?? PLEASE JUST SPECIFY.

9. “K”

Well. Potassium to you too.

10. “What are you thinking about?”
Which episode of Greys Anatomy I’m going to watch when you FINALLY leave.

12. “Calm down.”


13. “Smile.”

If you want me to smile, deserve one, by buying me a puppy or a cheeseburger, otherwise go away. I can buy my own.