Now, it’s true what they say – working in radio is downright amazing and your favourite DJ really is funny as hell in person, too! So, what’s the catch, (because there’s always a catch, right)?

by Jacaranda radio intern, Braam Swart

For the past three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the ins and outs of working in Radio as a candidate intern at Jacaranda FM.

Having already lived through a gauntlet of embarrassing stuff, so I’ll disclose some of the things you future DJ’s haven’t accounted for in your dream job day dreams:

1. The people will make you dance.

The people here love their jobs, they’re polite, interesting, considerate and engaging and they will STILL put you through some typically cruel intern-level trauma.

Yes, coffee and take-out duty is part of intern status, but you might have to perform ‘The Sound of Music’, by Julie Andrews in a nun costume, for their pleasure, too.

2. It’s humour upgraded.

Sure, at other places you experience casual office banter. You’ll be shown a video of someone’s cat, while trying to mind your own business at the espresso machine. You’ll learn to tell office-friendly jokes that don’t rock the boat…

Fortunately, you won’t easily find yourself stuck in the awkward position of having to listen to badly-told jokes at a place like this. Unfortunately, most of these pranks will be on you. You may have to make it through a remake of Hell’s Kitchen with a professional chef heckling your performance, or end up doing ‘extreme ironing’ in sub zero temperatures, but at least there are no awkward silences.


3. Nobody can tell you exactly what you should be doing.

There’s no textbook the stuff you’ll be doing in this gig. Learn how to make it up as you go, if want to make it through this. Keyword: improvise.

4. Haters gonna hate, pretty soon.

I’m sure you can guess that sticks and stones aren’t hard to find when you speak your mind, especially on air.

That’s kind of the fun part. Just don’t ever let other people’s comments stop you or change who you are, mkay?


5. It’s all up to you, you baby.

One thing is certain: your fate is in your own hands. Any dire situation you find yourself in can turn into something cool if you take initiative and think creatively. Do something they’ll never see coming.

Good luck to anyone thinking about a career in radio. Although this industry may not be for the faint-hearted, I can promise you that you’ll certainly never have a boring day at work!