Today marks the end of your suffering and the beginning of your VACATION! You need a meme for that, amarite? Here’s one for every style of humour…

by Jana Reynolds

All I want is Sarcasm.

This. Is. Hilarious.

via Frabz

EPIC or nothing. 

Also, Gladiator and Robin Hood are my ultimate role models. Okay, fine. Russell Crowe is my role model.


Gimme social (media) relates. *Receives notification*

Life is a series of unfortunate games you get invited to unwillingly. Then you get hooked. And die a junkie.

via Jana Reynolds

Cheesy drama? Any day of the week.

Also, I have a pine apple pen.


Forget hooomans.

Let’s just say, I would trade the Kardashians for a family of Llamas any day.


Me likey awkwardness

My type of funny is awkward family portraits from the 90’s. Yaaaaas.

It’s literally not funny until Spongbob says it. 

If kid-me will not enjoy this, neither will teen-me.