You’re not going out either? Well, Alessia Cara wrote a song just for us. And one about never wanting to grow older than 17. And one about her bedroom walls. And one about running away from pretty boys. Need we go on? So here’s a video playlist of all the reasons we love Alessia Cara’s soulful pop sound and her awesomeness (no, that’s not a real word).

But first an intro: this 19-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter gained popularity by covering great songs like a pro on YouTube. When she landed a record deal thereafter, she also landed herself a place in Canadian and American top hit charts by making an anti-party party son. Cassio, you little rebel you. Okay, so here’s why we love her all the way in South Africa too:

She’s bored at house parties and she doesn’t NEED a boyfriend:

She literally RUNS away from handsome guys. We feel you Cara. May the force be with you – to resist:

She can cover Amy Winehouse. AMY WINEHOUSE!

She can impersonate the voices of other grrrreat artists (Lorde, Iggy and Adele…) too:

Go follow her YouTube channel already.