Nope, you’re not the only one whose brain and lips function in alternate worlds while you’re kissing. It’s not weird. You’re just REALLY good at multitasking. Like us. 

So here’s 13 very awkward things girls (or at least those at YAAAS) think about when we’re kissing away. 

1. OK. Here we go…he’s leaning in for the kiss…

Should I close my eyes yet? Oh, he just wanted to get the remote.

Great. I just pouted into the air. Quick! Act like you do it all the time! Yeahhhh, that’s it…a little more pouting into the left air; now the right air…

He thinks you’re weird, stop stop stop. Staaaahp.

2. Oh wow, that was sudden!

I was still telling him about that time I was stuck in the bathroom, but um okay…

You can do this homegirl. Come on. Remember all those tricks. Like the ear thing. Remember the ear thing. And that lip bite thing that your one friend (the one whose never not hooking up) told you about.

Oh wait. No. I read that somewhere. YAAAS mag? Nah… they’re all about winging it.

I wish I had reading material with me in that bathroom 15 minutes ago. There was just aYou in his bathroom… FOCUS! THIS IS IMPORTANT.

3. Heeeey, this is not too bad actually.

I can totally see myself kissing him again. Yep. Yep. Totes.

4. I wonder if his eyes are open?

I’ll just check… But what if his eyes are open and then I open my eyes and we stare into each others cornea’s and then we both explode of embarrassment and then I’ll have to leave the country?

5. That was a weird noise. Did I make that noise?

Just act like you didn’t hear it. There you go… Weird noises happen all the time. It probably even happens when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are kissing.


Chin…I sense chin.

Man, I love that couple. Wait, they broke up! Nooooo I can’t believe Emma and Andrew broke up so long ago?!

6. Oh he’s putting his arm around my waist…

And now it’s time for the put-your-arms-around-his-shoulders-and-one-hand-in-hair move. Nailed it! Self-five!

7. I wonder if my breath smells?

Yeah, I should get a mint up in here. I’ll just stop breathing. AIR. NEED AIR. Now I’m breathing too loudly and it’s weird.

He’s making out with Darth Vader. HE’S MAKING OUT WITH DARTH VADER.

At least I’m not Luke or Leia! Haha… I’m so lame.

8. What is he doing with his tongue???

I don’t think that’s a thing. Should I be using more tongue? Oh, there’s that weird noise again. Maybe I should lean in more?


9. I wonder if I am any good?

What if I really suck and nobody has ever had the heart to tell me that I suck. WHAT IF I SUCK REALLY BAD. OH HELL, I SUCK AND I’M GOING TO DIE ALONE!

I’m going to die alone with 23 cats! I’m going to name one after this guy, just to remind myself of what could of been!

10. Oooh! He’s going for the boob. NO. NO. NO.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh, he just put his other arm around me.



12. Should I like kiss his neck or something??

That just makes him giggle. Abort mission. Abort mission. Abort!

13. Oh we’re done now?


If you have anything to add about kissing and those weird thoughts involved, share in the comments below, sister!