We’re going to show you how to whip up an all-natural hair mask to nourish your scalp and your roots. This homemade hair mask recipe is not only very cheap, but super easy too. All you need are a few simple kitchen ingredients and some hair in need of TLC. 

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With this homemade hair mask I’m going to show you how to nourish that precious head of hair of yours.

You need: 

  • One egg
  • One cup of milk
  • Half a lemon
  • 2 Table spoons of olive oil

How to make and use it:

Simply mix it all your homemade hair mask ingredients together well with a whisk or a fork. Then cover all your hair with your mixture. As easy as that.

Before you get started, check out these useful tips:

  1. Before you apply the mask: make sure to wash your hair very, very, very well – especially if you have really long hair.
    Don’t use hot water to wash your hair. This might cook the eggs in the mask a bit. You will end up with cooked egg bits stuck in your head when you’ve applied the mask.
  2. After you’ve applied the mask: Use cold water to rinse out your hair as many times as necessary to get rid of the majority of the mask. After ridding your hair of the egg mixture, you can lather any delicious-smelling shampoo into your hair, so that all the egg-y smells are gone.
  3. While making that mask: don’t over-squeeze that half-a-lemon into your homemade hair mask mixture. Too much lemon juice might give you a burning sensation on your scalp. Use a ratio of 1:2 to the egg yolk (so twice as much egg yolk than lemon juice).
  4. I know, it can feel a bit icky, but if you are dedicated to making sure your hair healthy, then it’s well worth it.
  5. How regularly should you use it: at least once a month is good, but less if your parents tell you to stop using the monthly stash of ingredients used for a monthly omelet and lemonade luncheon.