I asked my male friends the following question: “Hey dude, so when would a girl like know when a guy like really LIKES her, you know… and that he’s maybe like in love or stuff?” And then when we got past the “when she makes me sandwiches” jokes, I discovered a few secrets. And today, my sisters, I’m sharing these little gems! So here you go, 12 signs he digs you, because cupid smacked him right in the face:

1.       He CALLS you.

In my experience a man only his phone to call for three things:

– For emergencies

– His mom

– To order a pizza

So unless he’s calling to tell you he’s stuck in a tree and also wants some pizza, he wants to hear your voice #ahw

2.       He keeps eye contact.

Unless you’re playing one intense game of stare-down, his lingering eyes may mean he’s totes into you guuuurl. Or he is a serial killer. But whatevs.

3.       He Whatsapp/ Texts/ BBM/ Snapchat/ Mxit (I don’t judge)/ Owls you cute pics and inside jokes.

If a guy sends you inside jokes and pictures that reminds him of you, he diggs you. Somehow he makes Grumpy Cat so romantic, amirite?

4.       He tries to hold you while you’re sitting next to him watching Vampire Diaries.

You can’t chill beside him without him pulling you into a cuddling position. He makes sure you’re cuddled in tight, even if that means his hand is doing a double-twist-back-turn to get you close. So you just stay in that position and tease him about it, calling it “iron grip” or the “doesn’t that hurt” or the “how is that comfortable?”. But stil he does it.

5.       He wants to know if you are safe.

There’s genuine concern in a “are you home yet babe?” text.

6.       He mocks you.

He teases you in a way that makes you laugh and not in a way that makes you want to cry quietly in your bed later while munching on a feel-better-doughnut.

7.       He is throwing the “L” word around.

No more saying “like”. Now he’s saying “I LOVE your sense of humour”, “I LOVE when you’re hair gets all fuzzy like that”, “I LOVE how you dress up your cats as ballerinas…”

8.       He says your name.

There’s a reason Destiny’s Child sang “Say my name, say my name, say my naaame…” When he uses your name a lot in conversation, in texts etcetera; it means he definitely has the hots for you.

9.       He asks your advice.

He wants to know what you think, what’s your opinion. “Hey bokkie, how do I look in this shirt?”, “Which card should I get for my mom?”, “Do you think I should buy this little Dreamhouse for my pet tortoise?”

10.   He remembers EVERYTHING.

He remembers the conversations you’ve had. You once told him that orange juice is your life and now every time he takes you somewhere he gets you a glass of OJ… and a burger because he knows you. #Aaaahw

11.   He compliments you, a lot.

He: “Heeey, you look so beautiful today.”

You: “I’m wearing a sack.”

He: “Oh. Well, you look nice.”

12.   He thinks your pet peeves are cute.

“I don’t even care that you sometimes chew with your mouth open.”

“I think it’s cute that you talk too much.”

“Honey, I love how you plot world domination every time you pet a cat.”