It’s about time I tell you what YAAAS magazine is all about in our first ever ed’s letter and our mission and vision statement. This is basically a preface to the most epic quest to rule all of the media world (mhwhahaha). This is not intimidating at all.

So here goes…

The other day I was mulling over how to write this letter. I was on the beach, leisurely flipping through a couple of magazines for inspiration. Then suddenly, a surge of rage welled up in me.

I realised that after a few pages, in every magazine I read, I liked myself less and less. The images of those schmodels and their perfect handbags, all those “get your best ever legs this summer” – type of articles just made me want to exercise more, it made me want to buy tons of stuff too (that “flawless cover-up” for my pimples and more “must-haves” this season) and it generally made me feel like every part of me needed improvement.

A compilation of paper and pictures killed my self esteem and turned me into a “work” or rather “woman in progress”. I was no longer myself, just enjoying the sun-baked sand on my legs. Now I felt like the girl with the fat legs who needed a tan and a restricted diet of asparagus and lentils.

Yup, a simple mag did all that. The worst part is TV, series and social media can do exactly the same thing.

Oh dear. This is not good.

This is where YAAAS steps in. We know life is hard enough as it is. We don’t need stuff we buy for fun and entertainment to tell us that we need to change ourselves and that we need to buy all these things in order to be happy.

We know life’s a beach (pronounced b-eee-tch) and we’re not going to make it any harder for you. In fact, we’re trying to do the opposite.

How about a mag that supports you with the truth: none of us are close to perfect! What about a mag that centers around humor, adventures and interests rather than tips to reduce the size of your whatever?

Don’t get us wrong there’s absolutely nothing wrong with “beauty” products or fashion or exercise tips. You’ll see that we take interest in all these things too.

However, there’s everything wrong with implying that happiness is simply a matter of clothes, looking perfect and being as trendy as “crop tops”. These things do not determine your happiness or your unhappiness. Thinking they will, will just send you in circles chasing your own perfectly shaped bottom.

In the words of Aloe Blacc and Adam Young (aka Owl City), we’re “out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight” and we shouldn’t let anyone or any magazine tell us that we still need a little bit of tweaking before life actually begins…

So whether you like it or not, YAAAS mag is here to make you believe in yourself again, despite what all the other media messages might blast into your brainwashed mind!

That being said, here’s YAAAS’s vision / mission statement:

  1. Not to create the impression that we’re perfect. None of us have all the answers. We’re all a glorious mix of feelings: conviction, confusion, silliness, seriousness and we have incredible highs and deep lows – just like you.
  2. We’re probably going to make tons of mistakes in this publication. Typos, stupid ideas, stupid remarks, lame jokes, being judgy, the works, but we believe if we keep our focus on trying to love ourselves as well as you guys we’ll stay on the right track – or at least come back to it, eventually!
  3. To stick with you through the trivial, terrific and terrifying times.  Ladies, life isn’t always happy or always sad. It’s both and there’s even sometimes when you struggle to feel anything at all. We’re aiming to live, write and figure out all of these phases.
  4. We’re definitely celebrating everything that’s going to let us develop crows feet and laughing wrinkles. 
  5. And those times you really feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest? We’d like to talk about those times too, helping you if we can.

You’re so super welcome to join the YAAAS-mission by reading, subscribing, commenting or submitting your own ideas to us. If YAAAS is not for you, you’re just as welcome to go and explore the world’s very wide web for something that inspires and supports you! Whatever you do, go get ’em girl!