Charli Howard lit up our screens this week! The coolest thing about it was the video ‘Style Like U’ made. And they’ve got so much more…

Why would a 1.72m model, weighing 48kg, be fired for being too fat? That’s exactly what Charli Howard asked her model agency with a big F-you facebook post which went viral for all the right reasons, but the company who filmed Charli unveiling her undies and her story, Style Like U‘s, is an inspiration in itself.

Here’s the video in which Charli takes off all her clothes of and bears her soul. If you missed the whole story on her Facebook rant just scroll all the way down for the low down:

Who is Style Like U and what do they do?

Style Like U  was created by former fashion stylist, Elisa Goodkind, and her daughter, Lily Mandelbaum, to document true “unapologetic” style and the self-acceptance that comes with it. Since then, it’s been blowing up to just the right proportions of potential world-domination.

Style Like U started after Elisa came to a shocking realisation: “that those same photoshopped magazine covers that I was styling were also harming my daughter’s self-esteem”.


“I was a curvy 19 year old”, says Lily, “struggling to love my body in a culture without any images of women who looked like me.”

“I was convinced that in order to have style, I needed to starve myself, slip into a pair of skinny jeans, and tote around the latest ‘it’ bag.”

Now this powerful mother-daughter duo are filming people from all walks of life, actresses to models to artists, undressing and addressing what it means to finally feel comfortable in your own skin in their What’s Underneath interview series.

Below we’ve posted a couple of their videos for your viewspiration or you can just subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch all of them by clicking here.

Artists Diane Goldie on not being f-able anymore

Tallulah Willis (Bruce Willis & Demi Moore’s daugter) on hating your face/body

Fashion blogger Freddie Harrel on feeling different

In case you missed Charli’s story, here’s the low down:

Puny-sized Charli Howard posted this on Facebook after being fired for being “too fat” and it went viral: