No more meh! These apps are basically life hacks for homework, group projects or study work. Okay we’re lying. It’ll still suck sometimes, but they do help!

By Barend Nieuwoudt

Formerly your phone was the villain in the whole finish-your-homework story. Now it’s a supporting actor, thanks to the app evolution! Yaaaasss! *Returns to embracing phone. As always.*



Perfect as a Study Tool: 

This app is a great source of info. It’s an useful study tool, plus it spices up the whole meh studying experience.

This app gives you access to over 10 million sets of digital flashcards! You can either pick a pre-existing set of flashcards or you create your own.

You also get to choose from 4 different study styles and 2 different games that’ll keep you entertained while you study.

What sucks about it: It has so much information; without an organising system it might feel chaotic at times.

Available for: iPhone and Android

My Homework

FREE and buy version option

Perfect as a Digital Planner: 

With a wide variety of functions, even in the free version, My Homework allows you to use one app to organise your life instead of many apps with fewer functions, saving you time and increasing the ease of use.

You can add homework, tests, projects and lessons to your planner. MyHomework then reminds you of your due dates, so you never miss a deadline.

You can also add class times, with the time, block and period schedule.

The app works offline, but has sync capabilities too when some date/wifi.

What sucks about it: Although MyHomework does have a free version, some functionality is hidden from non paying users.

Available for: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome & Kindle Fire


FREE and in-app purchase options

Perfect as an Awesome Calculator:  

Photomath is a smart camera calculator that solves equations using the camera from your cellphone in real time.

Simply snap a picture of the problem on your page and PhotoMath will provide you with a step by step solution.

Currently it’s the world’s smartest camera calculator and math assistant, Photomath provides you with a lightning fast camera calculator and step-by-step solutions.

This app not only supports arithmetics and linear equations, but also more complex problems, like integrals and trigonometry.

What sucks about it: With a complex app like this, there’s going to be issues. Some users have reported cases, where the app won’t recognise their equations on the page and others have ever mentioned incorrect answers. So no, you can’t use it as a cheating tool (how dare you even think of that you bugger you).

Available for: iOS and Android.


FREE and in-app purchase options

Perfect as a Email Reader:

This beautiful app syncs together all email platforms across all devices and provides you with a conversation based, easy-to-read set of messages. Now admin can feel like your Whatsapp chats. 

The best function is the search feature, which makes finding specific emails in you inbox quickly. No more time wasted on digging through your inbox.

What sucks about it: Although this app is available on many platforms it does not scale well on bigger screens. If you use it on a computer you might just be frustrated with the small, nearly unreadable text.

Available for: Mac OS X, iPhone, Android, iOS


FREE and buy version option

Perfect as a Virtual Storage Box: 

A dropbox account is basically an online space where you can store stuff or share stuff with others (hello group projects).  

You get 2GB worth of password protected storage that you can access online via any device.

You can even share items in you dropbox with people who don’t have a dropbox, by sending them a link.

However, you need buy the business version for more storage space.

What sucks about it? Once you’ve used up your storage, even deleting files doesn’t seem to give you more storage space. Then you’re left with two options: buy the business version or completely delete your old account and create a new one.

Available for: Android, iOS, PC, MAC, Linux and even Blackberry.