Someone please tell Kylie Jenner she’s been dethroned. We’ve found women with some real power. Their power? Being real for a freakin change.

Here’s our list of top young ladies bending the rules of social media to serve real women. We’re done letting popular culture tell us how we girls should look, feel and act.  

Bow down to the real queens...

1. Actisits Megan Jayne Crabbe, 23 (@bodyposipanda)

You NEED to follow this account for your own sanity. Trust me.

First Meghan won a gruesome battle against anorexia. Then she took to social media to fight for every women’s right to know the truth: you’re only going to be happy, once you accept your body, as is. Yes, with ALL the extra trimmings.

We know it’s hard. I mean, womanly shape has been ridiculed to a point where it only seems to exist to impress other people. But complete acceptance is the key, sister.

Those rolls and lumpy bits, that you hate so much, is beautiful. Because it’s YOU.

2. Actress Maisie Williams, 19 (@maisie_williams)

Maisie is goals.

If you’re stalking her on Insta, then you probably notice the lack of perfectly curated oh-so-perfect pictures displaying her God-given celeb superiority over you. Which is pretty damn exceptional these days.

She aint got no time for that.

She’s waayyyy too busy living her life and doing all sorts of crazy for the causes she’s into (like skydiving for the protection of dolphins).

So you can just send the next person, who expects girls to spend all their time trying to be The Prettiest, over to Maisie Williams (she probably won’t have time for them though).

3. Model Barbie Ferreira, 19 (@barbienox)

How incredible does it looks when you rock exactly what your momma gave ya, without wrecking it with diets and shieeet, right?!

Aren’t you sick of seeing one stereotype of pretty (which is somehow an airbrushed, filtered girl with a BMI that’s borderline starvation?!).

So we want to hear a big hoooorrrraaah for 19-year-old Barbie Ferreira; the smouldering model who’s not having any of it.

4. Singer-songwriter Alessia Cara, 20 (@alessiasmusic)

Because a song can express all the feelings we wish we could say.

A photo posted by ALESSIA CARA (@alessiasmusic) on

You don’t have to be the party girl to ‘earn’ love gurrrl.

Alessia basically wrote the first party song any introverted or slightly serious teens could actually relate to, called Here (Google the lyrics immediately).

So you’re not so excited about our shaking your booty all night long, smashed pretty boys falling at your feet or parting it up until sunrise?

For the first time, a pop singer made us feel like feeling like that is quite alright.

With every incredibly relatable song, Cara makes you feel bit better about being no one, but your perfect self – kinda like a best friend.

Now that’s power.

5. Comedian Lilly Singh, 27 (@iisuperwomanii)

Who ever said girls can’t be drop-dead hilarious?

A photo posted by Lilly (@iisuperwomanii) on

Lily’s comedic skills are so honed, she’s ranked 8th on Forbes list of World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars!

If you EVURRR mumbled something about girls not being funny or good at business, please drop your email address in a comment and our admin department will kindly spam you with Lily’s videos for all eternity until you die of laughter. Literally.

Thanks for levelling the playing field Lily – after years of feeling that we need to be cute and sexy and quiet to be recognised for our awesome.

Nope, girl, it’s 2016. Now you’re the baws.

6. Activist Lily Mandelbaum, 26 (@stylelikeu)

Because we ALL can relate to heart-breaking body insecurities. And it’s time someone is honest about it.

A photo posted by StyleLikeU (@stylelikeu) on

Double newsflash. Nobody has the right to tell you what to wear or what to think about your self (not boys, not social media, not magazines).

Lily is part of a kick-ass mother-daughter team running StyleLikeU. They promote self-acceptance through a series of next-level videos tackling the issue of self worth and fashion.

They interview famous and interesting people from all walks of life, while the interviewees strip down to their underwear and talk about self-acceptance.

These videos are life-changing. Go check them out TODAY.

7. Yoga guru Dana Falsetti, 22 (@nolatrees)

“All I need is just to lose a bit of wight before I do this or that”. WRONG. The time is NOW.

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

That’s the exact mind shift Dana made, before she became the online phenomenon she is today, motivating women of all shape and sizes to bend it like Beckham. No better than Beckham (pretty sure Dana will beat him at Yoga).

So whatever you want to do, just shove those insecurities to left and do it right now.

Take note: following these ladies really helps, especially on the bad days!

And just take a note from these role models: speak up. And do you. No more waiting to be prettier, sexier or different. Today is women’s day, because we are INCREDIBLE. We just haven’t always realised that, because we’re all pretty brain washed by years and years of bull. 

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means representative of even 0.0000001% of all the amazing young women and teen girls who are changing our world as we speak. Thank you to each and every women and the brave acts you do that people often don’t even know about, that helps make this a better place to live in for others.