YouTube star Theodora Lee on sex talk, the of anatomy of awesome and why being a YouTube professional isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Q: How does is it feel to having more than 200 000 people literally SUBSCRIBED to everything you have on your mind?! Isn’t that scary?!

Theo: It’s not something I let myself think about too much. I’m just glad there are people out there who enjoy my videos.  

Q: If you could boil down ‘awesomeness’ to 3 easy steps, what would they be?

Step 1: Accept yourself

Step 2: Have fun in doing so

Step 3: Once comfortable, try new things (and if you enjoy Chardonnay* like me, treat yourself to a glass at the end of a long and successful day!)

YAAAS: * Don’t even think about it under eighteens… Alcohol makes your arms fall off under eighteen. Or something scary.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve given, in your opinion? And also the best advice you’ve gotten?

Theo: The best advice I’ve given is: the more you share the lighter you feel. That’s what my channel’s all about. And the best advice I’ve gotten…well somebody told me to put my feet up. That was an eye-opener.

I wasn’t letting myself chill; I was taking life too seriously. It was becoming un-fun (another made up word). So yeah, Theo, take a breather. Life’s a journey, not a destination.

Guess Theo’s Quick Q answer!
Theo's Favourite comment so far?

Theo: I get so many nice ones. This stood out for me recently: “Why have I only just discovered your channel, such helpful videos for a 17-year-old girl- amazing channel <3”

Theo's weirdest YouTube Comment so far?

Theo: “OMG, it’s so weird!! You look just like your brother.” It’s weird to me that people think that’s weird.

Theo's Favourite YouTubers right now (except CASPAR, FOR NEPOTISM REASONS ; )

Theo: Haha agreed! I’m loving Alexa Losey, because of the effort she puts into her videos. Melanie Murphy, who touches on deeper things in such a simple yet funny way and I’m excitedly watching Louis Pentland’s transition from ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ to her a more mature, less glittery (but still just as stunning) woman.


Theo: In life? That’s hard. Let’s stick to YouTube… Sexism as ‘comedy’; click bait (even though I’m guilty of it myself…*face palm*) and Get Ready With Me videos. They make me feel so lame!

Q: We LOVE your sex talk videos. They’re so honest and non-glamorised (for change!). What do you wish teen girls knew about sex (which they probably don’t)?

Theo: Sex isn’t some magical unicorny (I made that word up) thing! It’s what you make of it. Teens need to make careful choices to make it enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, it can be unicorny, but that takes effort – knowing your partner well; feeling comfortable in your own body; taking the right precautions and talking about what you like with your partner (the list goes on and on!)

It doesn’t happen over night. Oh and on that note, one night stands usually aren’t that fun in the end either. 

YAAAS teen magazine

Q: In a recent video you mentioned that being a full-time YouTuber can be “lonely” at times. Can you elaborate on that?

Theo: Humans enjoy social activities, I think! Take playing Sims for example. The less a Sim sees other Sims, the sadder it gets. Us humans gain from socialising as we learn and work – from school to uni/college and then often an office environment – it’s how we do things.

When you’re sitting at home by yourself every day, things can get a bit lonely. I have to be very disciplined in setting up coffee dates so that I can actually get out of my flat (and my own head) and enjoy another person’s company.

A lot of people think self-employment is #goals, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

It’s not all lie-ins and pj’s. It’s long days and lonely accomplishments. But you learn to adjust! I’m just very happy not to be tied down to an 8-5 right now. Even though I’ve done it and it was fun, I’m kind of ‘unemployable’ in the sense that my own career needs my full attention. 


Q: How do you balance your real-life with life on the Internet?

Theo: Well, we all go on our phones on the regs, so luckily it’s the norm to work on the go. But I like to take breaks and leave my phone at home on the weekends and stuff. I’m lucky in that sense that my following is of the size that allows me to take healthy breaks. 

Q: As a Internet advice-giver, what’s the topics you believe most girls, including yourself, need to talk about and why?

Theo: We need to talk about self-criticism and jealousy. Why is it to normal to put ourselves down? What on earth do we gain from it? And why is it okay to bash somebody who we are secretly jealous of? We need to realise that we are not alone our insecurities.

We must stop this habit of looking at ourselves in the mirror, telling ourselves we’re not worth it and then off we go searching for faults in others to make ourselves feel better. It’s toxic! 

Q: If you could brainwash anyone right know, who would it be and what would you make them believe?

Theo: I would brainwash Jacob Zuma into believing that his country needs him more than he needs his own frivolous luxuries right now.

You can go overdose on Theo’s YouTube channel right here, you little stalker.