The stares, the insults, the secret community and the darn maintenance of red hair. Here’s life through the eyes of a real-life Poison Ivy (scroll down for the “5 things that happen when you have weirdly coloured hair” part).

by Inez Hayes

It was just under two years ago when I decided to go for a change. What had initially started out as a basic hair transformation, quickly became shocking red hair baby.

Feeling fly

Who would have thought that I, Inez, the unnatural brunette, would eventually emerge with a head full of bright red locks? Turns out, it was one of the best impulsive decisions I had made.

I fell in love with this bright shade, as I looked upon my new reflection in complete adoration. It was so bright, and shiny, and beautiful.

Suddenly I had a signature look, and people would gasp and stare in wonder, as I would walk past them.

Becoming a real-life supervillainess

I was finally a step closer to achieving that rockabilly look I had always drooled over. Plus I looked more like the DC comic supervillainess Poison Ivy, complete with my green eyes and everything.

You would think that having your hair a bright shade would completely transform your life into something glamorous. In some ways it does, but in other ways, not so much.

I have been called a drug dealer and a Satanist (I suppose the nose ring doesn’t help much). I’ve also received many disapproving glances from old timers in coffee shops. I dig it though. Bring on all that attention lady!

However, it does make for a few other small, vaguely awesome differences in life.

Here are 5 things that happen when you have weirdly coloured hair:

1. You exchange secret, yet admiring glances, with other people who have strange hair.

You’re pretty much part of a new secret club now. Weird hair people unite! We both know the struggles of keeping our hair looking this cool, here’s a virtual high-five!

Red Hair

Usually only fellow weird-coloured-hair people see the glow, but YAAAS captured it on camera. Definetely a superhero. 

2. Hairdressers become your bestest friends, or your enemy

I imagine there’s nothing more exciting for a hairdresser than to have client with out-of-the-ordinary hair. However, we don’t trust them easily, and one mistake and you’re dead.

3. Strange people don’t believe that you need personal space

Yes, everywhere you go (especially if you’re out on the town), there will be strange people who will be aching to touch your hair, and they will do it, no permission asked.

I’ve actually had near heart attacks thanks to people suddenly pulling (ugh) or stroking my hair. At least the compliments I receive, sort of make up for this.

4. When people find your hair everywhere, there’s no excuse

You are most certainly the culprit; no use even denying it. How many other people do they know with bright, red hair right?

5. You become an expert at getting rid of stains

The problem with most bright hair dyes is, it washes out, and leaves stains everywhere when it gets wet. Which means only dark towels can be used to dry our marvellous hair.

And if you sweat during the night? Yep, expect to wake up to weird pink splotches all over your pillow cases and bed sheets.

My tips for going bright

If you’re considering it, I say do it, but go for a temporary colour first and then move on to a permanent colour, if you love your new locks.

Just a warning though, the upkeep is a nightmare! I never knew how fast my hair actually grew, until I dyed my hair this colour (why hello there roots).

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a crimson starlet though, and will probably still have this hair colour by the time I reach my 80s, and be the most badass geriatric out there.