Rugby star Louis Schreuder reveals how he fearful he felt in matric, facing big decisions on his future, and what he would’ve done differently.

1. As a child, what did you want to be when you were all grown up and why?

Louis Schreuder: I really wanted to be a rugby player or be in a rugby environment, because i grew up in one! My dad was very involved in the sport and played in and coached provincial teams.

2. What are your thoughts about that now?

Louis Schreuder: I guess I can understand now, why at that stage of my life I would’ve wanted to be a sportsman, because that’s any young boy’s dream. I was constantly involved in the sport from a young age.

3. Did you have a specific career path in mind at the end of high school?

Louis Schreuder: I did not. I wanted to study a normal Bcom at Stellenbosch, because I was interested in logistics and marketing, but the rugby took off directly after school, so it made it very difficult to study full time.

4. If you did, what did you do to make it happen during high school and after you finished matric?

Louis Schreuder: I trained. High school was a rugby festival most of the time. I had a great bunch of friends and almost everyone played and were competitive people. After school is where the hard graft started and I was training almost every day!

5. How did you feel about making such life-altering decisions as a teen?

Louis Schreuder: I was obviously scared, because I was moving on into a new direction in my life and I had to take on a lot of new responsibilities.

6. Did you apply for any tertiary education courses? If so, where and why?

Louis Schreuder: I studied through UNISA, because of my travelling. I took night classes at Boland college in Stellenbosch. I also studied short courses through UNISA.

7. What did you do after high school, career-wise?

Louis Schreuder: I went straight into WP rugby institute after school and signed my first contract with the union after that.

8. Are you happy with the choices you made following high school and why/why not?

Louis Schreuder: I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve received in my sporting career so far. If I could change something I would probably make more time to study and get a degree of some sort earlier in my career.

9. Any advice you would give this year’s grade 11’s and matrics on their what-to-do-after-high-school plans?

Louis Schreuder: Take time to really think hard about what you want to do after school. Especially in the remaining year of school. Talk to different people and try to get a feel for what excites you or what you’re interested in.