Here’s the take of an actual guy on all the things you might be thinking guys are thinking about. The perfect body? Butt or boobs? Thigh gap? Ideal weight? Here goes!

I am going to tackle a very intimidating subject; a couple of ‘body issues’ I’ve heard girls are really concerned about. A guy trying to write about female body issues and the perfect body? I can’t see how this could go wrong in any way…*

*Please note I am a sarcastic writer, that this article is my personal take on the matter and that I don’t like hate mail. At all.
Butt or boobs?

Hmmmm that’s a good question. What if neither won? I think if you asked most guys that question the initial response would be a look of confusion, while the dude’s mind wanders to, “What do you mean? Do I have to choose? I don’t follow the question you’re asking me. It doesn’t make sense… I don’t see any buttless or boobless women?”

And then they’ll probably respond with the asset YOU think is YOUR best. So truthfully, if you rock it, we like it (BTW rocking it doesn’t mean we get to see the whole show before a very expensive diamond ticket is bought – if you catch my drift).

Them sweet thigh gaps.

I don’t really know how to say this, but most guys don’t really know what thigh gaps are. So there’s actually not much to say about this phenomenon. That boils down to: if you have a thigh gap you’re beautiful; if you don’t, you’re beautiful as well; and if you’re working towards a thigh gap? Please stop it and be the beautiful girl you are.

I’m very sure little to no guys will inspect your thighs and think, “damn if only she had that thigh gap”. No normal guy, anyway. If he happens to be that freak-of-a-dude who actually refers to a lack of dead-air-between-your-legs, then A. he’s clearly a idiot and B. he really needs you to slap the taste function right out of his mouth. Now.

The perfect weight 

There’s no golden weight or ideal midriff size, but me and my friends do share the same opinion: what goes for dudes goes for girls. If I take care of body (meaning I don’t limit my food intake obsessively and I don’t obsessively over-fill my eating-hole) – then I’ll probably look for lady with the same approach.

Guys aren’t that into whatever you’re worried they’re into (except the douches you reaaaaally don’t want to be dating anyway). There’s no perfect body gurrrl.

Here’s a couple of things me and my friends look at when we checkout a girl.
  1. Through the eyes you truly see a person (see what I did there). Eyes are the most beautiful thing ever! Blue ones, brown ones, in-between ones. If you’re a douchey girl we’d probably pick that up in your evil eyes.
  2. It’s not so much about shape or (that really a personal preference thing). It’s all about the care. Seeming soft lips can do wonders and a smile.. oh a smile… can literally break through any guy’s defence.
  3. If your hands are soft and neat, it kind of feels like you really take care of yourself.
In a nutshell

It’s not about what you lack or what you should be working towards. It’s just about being proud of this body you’ve been given and taking care of it that oozes sexiness.

If you do not take care of yourself (eating too little or too much or feeling crappy about whatever you’ve been given) and it’s really unfair to expect a guy to fill that gap. However, if you’re too obsessed about your looks, you simply become your own obsession and there is no room for us to be “obsessed” about you. Find your balance girl.