I owe you guys a decent editor’s letter because: a) it’s time you knew why I really started YAAAS magazine and b) I have to apologise bigtime.

You know when you’re so crazy about someone, you kinda freeze up around them?

You’re just too scared of messing up so you rather do nothing at all.

Well, running YAAAS magazine is like that for me.

I’ve been thinking about YAAAS magazine and everything I want it to mean to you guys for over a decade.

And boy oh boy does that kinda pressure freeze you up like a snow cone.

In fact, the weight of how badly I want YAAAS magazine to be amazing, froze me up so times in 2017, I’m writing the apology letter in 2018.

I won’t bore you with the deets, but basically how I messed up was not publishing a ton of amazing articles, ideas and interviews.

I was so afraid of not doing them perfectly, that I didn’t do them at all.

I also didn’t even published what I wanted on our socials.

But I’m not apologising for that. You guys can’t miss what you never had.

What I’m apologising for is allowing fear to be the captain of this publication for over a year.

Ironically, I started YAAAS magazine in rebellion to fear. I wanted this publication to stick it to society’s idea of perfect.

Because society’s perfect is the illusion of something that’s attainable. But it’s not.

It’s almost like chasing a runaway Jack Russell. You’ll die of exhaustion before you ever catch it.

It’s pretty twisted that I would end up fear-freezing this publication in pursuit of perfection.

And I’m sorry.

This letter is also a heads-up: YAAAS won’t be that inactive follow on your socials anymore.

We’re coming in with everything we’ve got.

You might like it. You might not.

I’m not afraid anymore. Unfollow us if you must.

But whatever you do, please don’t let the fear of not being perfect keep you from doing anything this year!

Stuff perfection and go full force. Fail epically and fail forward this year.

Go get ’em tigress!


Tons of YAAAS love,


YAAAS Magazine Editor