Having depression does NOT mean you’re alone or worthless (although it will feel that way).

To prove it, meet some of the dopest celebrities who have, or have had, depression and they still kick friggin’ ass …

How is it even possible that some of the dopest celebrities who have depression?! Because basically, every 6th person you see has experienced depression. That probably applies to the famous too. And to your beloved Internet-stars as well. 

Here are some of the dopest celebrities who have depression (because I literally can’t list ALL the celebs who suffer from depression in one post) and what you can take away from their experiences of depression, besides the fact that depression is a biatch.

1. The Rock Dwayne Johnson (depression)

Takeaway Nugget: If you experience depression, you’re going to feel hella alone. That means you are. It’s just your brain chem. So stop feeling like there’s something wrong with YOU for experiencing these deep, dark lows. If The Rock felt it, then normal humans will feel it too. And that’s okay.

2. Lily Singh (depression)

Takeaway Nugget: Depression is pretty much a villain that swoops in and terrorises the best of us. At any given moment, for no good reason. But when you finally get help and defeat that asshole, you’re going to feel like superwoman. And you’re going to conquer the world with your new-found empathy for others.

3. Cara Delevinge (depression)

Takeaway Nugget: You might get used to feeling crappy (and it’s totally a bad thing)! Feeling low all the time is not normal and it’s not okay. But you’re going to need help and it’s going to take time. So get to it and tell someone that’ll help you. And FYI being pretty, skinny or famous is not going to heal your unhappiness. At all. Therapy and treatment are.

4. Ruby Rose (depression and suicidal thoughts)

Takeaway Nugget: You’re probably going to be in denial. Get out of denial, m’kay. Because you’re going to need to speak up, to get help because your brain is not in a state to do that for you.

5. Kirsten Bell (anxiety and depression) 

Kirsten Bell Takeaway Nugget: You can inherit depression (thanks, grandma-ma). Which means you might feel pretty low until you get meds to balance out that those unnatural levels of brain chemicals that rule your moods like the tyrannical president of Panem (#HungerGames, if you’re a bit slow).

6. Demi Levato (bipolar disorder)

Takeaway Nugget: You’re probably going to want to self-medicate with stuff that momentarily makes you feel better. That’s totally normal, but you need to realise that series-binging, self-loathing, food, boys, drugs, alcohol or whatever won’t heal whack brain chemicals. So you need to see a doctor or a therapist that can do the work you can’t do.

7. Lady Gaga (depression)

Takeaway Nugget: You’re going to feel like you’re not strong enough for not being able to out think your depression. And you’ll probably feel like your life won’t amount to anything. Both thoughts are bullshit. And you hating yourself is part of the problem. Love yourself enough to get help and to accept yourself even though you don’t feel like a superstar right now.

8. Wentworth Miller (depression and suicidal thoughts) 

Takeaway Nugget: Don’t ever sink into the belief that you’re alone and that no one cares about you – because you’re going to feel hopelessly alone at some point. It’s not true. Yes, people are assholes, but there’s a whole world of people who do care, that you might not know it. If you don’t feel safe and uncomfortable with the people around you – reach out to people out of your environment like all the peeps at SADAG (SA’s Depression and Anxiety Group). You can reach them on FB (they’ll keep everything anon) HERE or ask them to call you back by calling on this number: 011 234 4837.