Full disclosure: before IYEZA, I had no clue who Anatii was.


I discovered Anatti a week ago, 13000km away from South Africa, in Italy. I was heart-broken, homesick and scrolling iTunes for something that reminded me of home, having left 4 weeks ago.

Then I found “Ngozi”, the second track on Anatii’s album and I ALMOST cried.

I actually cried on the third track while bouncing my South African booty defiantly in my tiny Italian chair.

By “Thixo Onofefe” I just had to get up and shake it!

I’m an Afrikaans chick from the Boland, so lyric-wise I understand like 30%. Vibe-wise, I understand EVERYTHING.


This album is so damn revolutionary; it captures what it’s like to be a young South African.

Local music. Sure. Global charts. It’s fine. But what you really want is to find a place IN the global scene AS a South African. You want to be YOU in a world that’s largely global, not just a diluted version of US hip-hop or mumble-rap.

And that’s what IYEZA is: the best of global influences 2018 merged with local feels into something so definitively South African it’s impossible that it’s from anywhere else in the world.

And looking at the YouTube comment section it’s pretty clear that’s why other South Africans dig Anatii’s new songs too!

iyeza iyeza

In IYEZA Anatii owns his heritage, his language and his musical roots like never before. And it’s the hottest thing in the world.

* flames simultaneously erupt everywhere*

There are so many on-trend international vibes within this extremely local production. And the best part is how organic the merge is. And that’s what makes this whole album global-level.

All the vibes we feel on Anatii's IYEZA album:

Ntoli > Cardi B

Ngozi > Post Malone

God My Best Friend > Drake

U Sangthanda Na? > Michael Jackson (or The Weeknd, because he’s basically Michael Jackson’s vocal son)

Drop the vibes you get in the comment section…

I’m so so proud we have a 25-year-old artist from the Eastern Cape to showcase the kind of gold were made of in South Africa.

When home is a 16hour flight away, that kind of pride makes me pretty teary.

Four weeks ago I left South Africa for Italy. I’ll be here for a year and I think the only thing that’ll numb the homesick pangs is the 10-track IYEZA album.

Thank you Anatii. Thank you.

If you're a noop like me, here's a quick lowdown on who Anatti is:

This 25-year-old was born in Bisho, in the Eastern Cape and he’s been an active artists/producer since 2006.

Anitii had some legit radio play and collabs over the last couple of years, but most importantly he’s really coming into his own as a South African artist and record producer.

Also his new 2000’s-African-merged style is also everything. ; )


3 Things you need to know about Anatii’s latest alum, IYEZA:

1. IYEZA was never meant to be an actual album

It was just a couple of songs Anatti felt compelled to produce without thinking too much about pleasing anyone but himself and his need for self-expression. After a few EP’s IYEZA just sort of happened, he said in the video interview below.

2. In IYEZA Anatii “just wanted people to hear me for who I really am”

In this interview below, Anatii explains how he simply wanted to ignore outsider opinions and influences to create something HE loved. No colabs. Just Anatii and his “vulnerable” self:

3. IYEZA is charting like crazy right now. 

This full album was literally released on the 5th of October and it’s already the most streamed alum on iTunes South Africa! Next is global domination Anatii…global domination…


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